Using the Leads Module

Clients with multi-property venues may wish to take advantage of our Leads Module which allows for new leads to be managed and distributed to venues in the group.

iVvy has a Leads Module that can be turned on in your account by contacting

The Leads Module serves two purposes:

  • A centralised area for multi-property accounts that allows BDMs and DOS the ability to manage prospective sales. Leads can be created from the Global Contact section, have sales activities and notes recorded against the lead, and then be distributed directly to a venue as an Opportunity

  • The ability for Venues with Accommodation to create individual Accommodation Contracts 

In both instances, a Lead will need to be created.



Creating a New Lead

  1. Navigate to Contacts > Leads

  2. Click Create New Lead

  3. Give the Lead a Name. This is similar to how you name your opportunities, and best practice is to add in the Company/Contac name and the prospective event. For Example, iVvy Awards Night 2023

  4. Enter the Company / Contact details. Note: All contacts in iVvy are Global, so make sure you search for an existing company / contact before creating a new entry.

  5. Select the Sales Person

  6. Select the Lead Type. Learn more about Setting Lead and Opportunity Types

  7. Select the Source and Channel. You may wish to expand your sources and channels to include for example a regional sales team who generated this lead through prospecting activities and networking events

  8. Define the Stage for the Lead. Ensure that you select a stage under the heading Lead for all newly created leads. See next section for further details

  9. Add in a description of any known details for the new lead

  10. Complete any additional custom fields. You can add in your own custom fields by navigating to Global Settings > CRM > Custom Fields

  11. Click Save




Editing a Lead

Once you have created your new lead you will be able to use the following tabs to record notes, tasks, activities and emails against the lead

  • Notes - Click Add Note to manually record a note against the lead

  • Emails - Use the Lead CC email address to track all email correspondence for the lead. If you have an email chain already, you can forward the email chain to this email address

  • Tasks - Set yourself reminder tasks to follow up your lead

  • Activities - Record the sales activities that you have undertaken to secure this lead. For Sales Managers, iVvy has a Detailed Sales Activity Report and an Activity Summary Report to track the activities for each individual staff member and to help analyse the strategies that are yielding the best results

Note: You can create an Activity while creating a task, and also create a follow-up task when creating an activity to speed up the recording process. Anchor




Lead and Opportunity Stages

Similar to Opportunity Stages, Leads also have Stages that allow you to record where the lead is up to in your sales cycle. iVvy has default lead stages that can be edited and expanded upon by Updating your Lead and Opportunity Stages

Updating the stage of the lead from the Leads Module will keep the lead in the Global Contacts and Leads Module and will not be visible to individual venues. Once your lead progresses to the point that it is ready to be placed in the function diary of an individual venue, you can update the stage of the lead to any stage under the Opportunity heading.

Once you have selected an Opportunity Stage, you will be prompted to select the venue to receive the opportunity.  Clicking save will move the lead from the Leads Tab to the Opportunities Tab of the selected venue. The venue can then create a proposal, contract, invoice, and event order as per normal.Anchor



Multi-Venue Quote

iVvy has the ability to create a Multi-Venue Quote Document from within a Lead. This document uses merge fields such as venue name, description, images, function spaces etc to show potential customers your different offerings.

  1. Click on Documents

  2. Click Create Document > Multi - Venue Quote

  3. Select the Venues to be featured in the Quote

  4. Select the Function Spaces to be featured in the Quote

  5. Select your preferred template

  6. Click Create Document

  7. Once the document is created, click on preview and then Generate Document to create a PDF of the document

  8. Select the document and click EMAIL to send the quote document to your lead contact

The Multi-Venue Quote can be created and edited to add your branding from Global Settings > General > Merge Templates

Learn more about Editing your Document Templates

Multisite QuoteAnchor