Using The HTML Name Badge Builder

The iVvy name badge template designer allows you to easily create a professional elegant design for your name badges in iVvy in minutes. You can insert information collected during the registration, watermarked images or logos, and barcodes or QR codes for quick scanning into the event.

To create a template for your name badges

  1. Edit your event and navigate to: Event Setup > Name Badges
  2. Click on “Create"
  3. Name: Give the name badge a descriptive name that you will recognize to select when creating name badges for your attendees
  4. Badge Size: Select an appropriate badge size that suits the paper size and design of your name badge
  5. Paper Size: Select the paper size that you are printing on
  6. Page Orientation: Select whether you are printing landscape or portrait orientation
  7. Select the page margin for “each” edge of the page.
  8. Tickets: 
    1. If you have the same name badge for all of your tickets, then you can simply tick all of your tickets in this one step.
    2. Otherwise: Select which ticket that this name badge is going to be available for. (note: You If you have created different name badges for each ticket type, then you will need to repeat the name badge process for each ticket type.)
  9. Click “Next”
  10. Select the appropriate template that you are going to use:
    1. From scratch: Will provide a blank box that you can drag elements into and position them where you wish
    2. Template Gallery: Will provide a number of pre designed templates with differently positioned logos, names, barcodes etc.
    3. Copy From Previously Created Template: Use a previous design you have done yourself and make relevant changes
  11. Click Next
    1. Element Types:
      Once you have reached the designer you will notice that you have a number of “Element types”to add to your name badge. As you click on them, they will appear on your name badge. 
    2. Element Layers:
      As you add items to your name badge, they will appear as a new layer. You can move them by clicking on them and dragging them around the name badge, resize them by mousing over them and clicking on the round circle with the two arrows and dragging it bigger or smaller. When working with your elements:
      1. Inserting Text:
        If you have any static (non changing) text that you wish to enter, such as the name of the event, then you can click a text field element onto the name badge. Then edit it by right clicking and selecting “edit” or mousing over the element layers box on the appropriate layer and clicking on the pencil button. 
      2. Inserting Images:
        When you click on the insert image button, you will be taken to your image library in iVvy. Select the relevant image. You will then be taken back to your name badge with the image inserted, where you can make the appropriate changes, send to back, resize, move to the necessary position etc. 
      3. Inserting Custom Fields: 
        To insert a custom field, click a “custom data” element onto your name badge. Once you have done this it will appear in the “element layers” list at the bottom left of the page. Mouse over the new element and click on the pencil image to edit. An edit layer box will pop up, which will give you the opportunity to change the full name to another one of your custom fields available from your global collection.
        Alternatively, you can also right click on the element on the name badge, and click “edit”, and it will bring up your edit layer box. 
      4. Inserting Barcodes / QR Codes
        Simply put, click a Barcode or QR code onto the name badge, and then move or resize as necessary. 
      5. Deleting Elements: 
        To delete any of your elements at any given time, navigate down to the element layers section, and mouse over the relevant element until the image of the trash can appears. Click on it to delete.
        Alternatively, you can right click on the image on the name badge builder and it will give you the option to delete also. 
      6. Changing the position of elements in your name badge
        When you right click on an element (of mouse over the layers and click the pencil button), you will see the options bring to front, send to back. This will work when you are overlapping, or watermarking items for instance. Which ever item you want to appear on the top most of the other items, you will bring to front, and which ever item you wish to be in the background, you will send to back.

        Using The HTML Name Badge Builder-1

  12. Once you have finished creating your name badge, select next. 
  13. Preview:
    You will now be given a preview of the name badge that you have just designed. If you are happy select next, alternatively you can click back to the relevant option on the navigator tab at the top of the page (settings or designer) and make the relevant changes. 

You have now created your first name badge design.