Using Paragraph Styles when editing Website Pages

Paragraph Styles (or Fonts if you prefer) are very useful when you are editing your website pages. Not only do they make the page look good, certain Paragraph Styles will also help you do Search Engine Optimization on your Website.

To Use Paragraph Styles:

  1. When editing your webpage, click on the drop down arrow next to Format in the toolbar.
  2. Choose your style.
    Heading 1 to 6: is recognized by search engines as very important information - 1 being most important and 6 being the least important. Use headings sparingly and ensure they contain your website's keywords.
    Normal: the majority of your website content should consist of Normal Paragraph Style.
    Formatted: is essential a different font type. This font is usually used on the Internet for indicating HTML coding so it is recommended you keep the use of this font to a minimum.
    Address: this Paragraph type removes the double spacing when you press the Enter key and applies italic to the text.
    Normal (DIV): this is the same as Normal text however the double spacing is removed.
  3. Type your text. It should appear as the Paragraph Style you chose in step 2.

When pasting content into your webpage editor, you will most likely need to apply the Paragraph Style after pasting the content. Simply highlight the section and choose the style you want.