Using Email Templates when Emailing a Document

Learn how to email a document directly from iVvy to your client.

Navigate to the relevant Quote or Booking and select the "Documents" tab.

  1. Select the document you are emailing.
    Note For a document to be emailed it must be converted to a PDF first to give you the option to email.

  2. Click the “Email” button.

  3. The email template box will pop up, select the required email template and any additional documents you want to include in your email.
    Note You can choose not to use a template and free type an email on the next page.

  4. Press "Continue".

  5. Edit the content and recipients of the email as required. You will see the unique email address created by iVvy for this quote or booking will be in the BCC Email Address. This will ensure that once sent a record of this email will appear in your emails tab.
    Note For this unique email address to be created in a quote or booking the Opportunity information must be completed during the sales process. 

Using Email Templates when emailing a document