Uploading your Abstract

This help article is for Abstract Authors who want to upload an Abstract to an Event.

Abstracts can be used but the Event Managers to help find speakers for their Event.

To upload an Abstract:

  1. Navigate to the Event Website for the event you are wanting to submit the abstract to, and click the request that is relevant. You will be presented with a form that looks similar to this:

  2. Click on Browse on the upload form and search for the Abstract on your computer. Please keep in mind, you may only be able to upload certain file types.
  3. Give the Abstract submission an Abstract Title.
  4. Choose which type your Abstract is.
  5. Type in the Authors of the Abstract. If there are more than one, separate the names with a comma.
  6. Type in your Email address. This is crucial as it allows you to log in a make changes to your Abstract submission, as well as give the Event Organisers an easy way of contacting you.
  7. Type in a Password. This can be anything of your choosing and will be used to login to your Abstract submission if you need to make changes. The strength of the password is indicated by the coloured bar below. If the arrow is red, it indicates that your password is weak and will be easily hacked. A Green indicated password is your safest option.
  8. Confirm the Password.
  9. Fill in the rest of the Form
  10. Complete the Word Verification.
  11. Click Submit.

You will be redirected to a Submission Successful page. For here you can log in and make changes to your Abstract Submission and check the review status.