Uploading an Image

Learn how to upload an image into the Image Library for use on web pages, in email campaigns and in templates such as name badges and tickets.

The Image Library

Here you can upload images from anywhere on your computer (i.e. desktop) and save them to the image library in iVvy for use on web pages, in email campaigns, and in templates such as name badges and tickets. When uploading an image you can define the size as small, medium, or large, or use custom pixel sizing. You can also manage the image library from here by tagging and deleting your images when your event is closed.

To navigate to your image library,

  1. Navigate to Global Setup > Image Library
  2. On this screen, you will have the option to add a new image, modify the tags of an existing image, or delete an image.
  3. If you click add image, you will be provided with a new small-screen asking you to select which image you wish to upload, which tags apply to it, and whether you want to resize the image automatically or not. The dimensions for these options resize images to are:
    Small: 100x100 pixels
    Medium: 370x370 pixels
    Large: 670x670 pixels
    Custom: Your specification
    Don't Resize: Doesn't resize your image and leaves it the way it is.
  4. You can search by the image name and sort by Date or Filename.
Uploading an Image