Turning On And Configuring Exhibitors For Your Event

If you haven’t already turned on exhibitors when you did the event wizard, they will need to be turned on for your event first.

To turn on exhibitors for your event

  1. Navigate to Event Setup > Event Settings > Configure Tab
  2. Change “Include Exhibition Booths” to “Yes”
  3. Select Save

Exhibitors Settings Tab

  1. Navigate to Event Setup > Exhibitors > Exhibitors and click on the "Exhibitor Settings" tab
  2. If you want to turn on registration straight away so you can look at it while you set it up change “Allow Registrations” to “Yes”. If you want to keep it hidden, leave it as “No” for now.
  3. Maximum number of tickets is how many tickets can be purchased with a booth. This includes “included tickets” so if you set your max tickets to #10 and a booth has 2 tickets included, the exhibitor can purchase 8 extra tickets with their booth.
  4. Allocate Booth By: Please note once this selection is made, it cannot be unmade.
    Booth Types: A booth type setup in iVvy allows the exhibitor to purchase a booth (such as a standard booth), and you allocate them a position on the floor plan.
    Individual Booths: Your add in the floor plan, and each position has a booth type associated with it e.g. A2 may be a standard booth, and the exhibitor can purchase that position and booth on the floor plan, providing its still available.
  5. Register Heading & Register sub heading is the text that appears at the top of the registration box on the exhibitors page. You have the ability to customize this as you wish. 
  6. Can Book Accommodation & Can Book travel, makes these two components available to exhibitor attendees if you have allocated rooms for them to hire.
  7. Booth layout plan allows you to upload a image or pdf version of your floor plan so that the exhibitors can download it. It appears on the exhibitors page underneath the registration box as a hyperlink, which will download when its clicked on.
  8. Subscription group, is the mailing group anybody who registers as an exhibitor will go into.
  9. Show exhibitors on website allows you to set-up how you wish to display your exhibitors.
    1. Show All: Displays All Exhibitors
    2. Do not show: Hides Exhibitors
    3. Choose which exhibitors to show: This allows you to edit each exhibitor and choose whether they will appear on the website or not.
  10. Display all information configures whether all of the business information is displayed on your event website, or just the name of the exhibitor.
  11. Maximum categories per exhibitor: You can set up business categories that the exhibitor can nominate they fit into such as IT, or Medical etc. They will be given a list to select from and they can tick as many as your maximum allows.
  12. Exhibitor Portal: This is a feature that goes into more detail in the article “Exhibitor Portal” however the portal allows you to upload forms and questions for the exhibitor to fill in or upload, e.g. “safety forms”. This saves the whole process being done manually. It also gives exhibitors the ability to download exhibitor packs, manage attendees. If you change this setting to yes, it turns on all the settings to allow you to configure your exhibitor portal.
  13. Click Save.