Table Seating

The Table Seating features allows you to set up tables in a room by number and assign your attendees to them. If your event has multiple sessions/rooms that require table seating, then then you can add multiple table seating profiles into your event. To add table seating to your event:

  1. Navigate to: Manage Registrations > Attendees > Table Seating
  2. Click “Add Table Seating”
  3. Name: This is the name of the session or event that the table seating applies to
  4. Applied To: If everyone is eligible for the table seating, then you can select “event”. However, if it's for a particular session, then you select “session” and select the session the table seating is for.
  5. Click “Add tables to this seating” and save
  6. Click on the tables tab
  7. Click on “Add Tables”
  8. Select how many seats are at the table, and how many of this table are available.
  9. Repeat the process with each different block of tables that differ from the last.
  10. e.g. you may have a block of 5 tables with 10 seats, and a block of 5 tables with 6 seats in your room.
  11. Once you have added all of your tables, click “Assign Attendees”
  12. If you wish to see more information about your attendees, such as “Company” so you can sort them and seat them accordingly, select “Set Columns” at the top right of the attendees table and tick the fields that you wish to group the attendees by.
  13. Once it's added to the view table, you can click on the dark grey of that column to sort it in alphabetical order.
  14. You can then tick each attendee for your first table and click “assign to table”. You will be asked for a table number to assign them to. Assign it and save.
  15. Repeat the process until you have all of your attendees assigned to tables.