Survey Skip Logic

Survey skip logic allows you to automate further responses to questions based on answer made by the person completing the survey.

As an example: If you post a Yes/No question such as “Did you attend this session” If they select “yes” to the questions, please ask them the following questions about the session, otherwise if they select “no” then skip to the next section and the questions do not appear.

To add survey skip logic:

Once you have added in your questions as per creating a new survey (this includes questions that may be skipped, the logic will manage whether they appear or not for you) you need to set up skip logic

  1. Edit the survey
  2. Navigate to: Marketing > Surveys
  3. Click on “edit” on the right hand side of the survey
  4. Click on the “Skip Logic” tab at the top and click “Add Rule”
  5. Give the rule a descriptive name that you can easily identify, and select the question from the drop down that you want to have follow up logic to apply to (e.g. the yes/no question).
  6. Select the If Answer that best suits what you are trying to achieve.
  7. The answer value: If the question is a select question, it will drop down and ask you to select one of the options (e.g. yes or no) in the box. If its text, you need to type “exactly” what you are trying to match.
  8. The action is where you select what happens based on the criteria above: If yes is select please show this question. Select the appropriate action and save. Your logic has now been created. 

Skip Logic