Suppliers Module

Our events Suppliers module allows you to make and manage bookings for venues to host your events via our iVvy Marketplace, and also enter manual enquiries for anything outside of iVvy (Such as A/V equipment, DJs, etc.). If you do not see "Suppliers" in your event between "Invoices" and "Reports", please contact Support to have it enabled on your account.

To make an enquiry for a venue through our Marketplace:

  1. View your event and click Suppliers
  2. then click Search on Marketplace (Note: This page will open on the same tab)
  3. This will take you to our iVvy Marketplace. Enter your search parameters such as location, event type and the like and search for your venue.
  4. When you find something suitable, put in your enquiry. You will be asked whether this is for a new event (i.e. Creating a new event from scratch at that moment), or an existing event (One you already started creating in your account). Select "Select an existing event" and fill in the details it requests until you can put the enquiry in at the end.
  5. Now, if you go back into your event and to the Suppliers, you will see it listed here as well as the status.

To enter a manual enquiry:

  1. View your event and click Suppliers
  2. then click Create Manual Booking
  3. This form allows you to enter your own manual bookings and enquiries made outside of iVvy for your event so that you can track them as well as their costs, documents and any notes you wish to enter.