Storing emails against Opportunities

Learn how to send your emails into iVvy to link them to your Opportunity.

If you want to track and log your emails in iVvy that have been sent from your current email system, you can use the CC email address that is unique to each opportunity that you create.

  1. Navigate to Sales > Opportunities > Edit Opportunity
  2. Click onto the Emails Tab

  3. Click on the Copy CC Address link to copy the address (Or manually highlight and copy)

  4. When emailing from your current email system, paste the cc address before sending to the client
    Note: This will send the email into iVvy so that the rest of the team can see all communication. It will also allow you to forward any existing email chains back into iVvy.

Tip: If you need to send a Function Kit or Brochure to a customer, send it from your normal email address, and CC or BCC this email address at the same time so that your team can see that this email has been sent

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