Space Allocation Rules

Learn how to set what spaces are available on your booking engine along with allocation rules.

You may not want all function spaces in your venue to be available for bookings through your booking engine form. The space allocation rules allow you to determine which spaces can be seen on your booking engine, and which food and beverage options are available in each space.

Once all your function spaces are added you will need to navigate to your Space Allocation Rules section where you will then add (if applicable) and configure them for the marketplace/booking form. When configuring your function spaces you will notice that they can be dragged and reordered up and down.

You will need to order them from smallest to largest based on capacity. This way when someone makes an enquiry, the enquiry will be compared to each space from top to bottom to see if it fits, and allocate the first space that fits the capacity and requirements of the enquiry.

To create Space Allocation Rules

Navigate to; Setup > Online Bookings > Space Allocation Rules.
And complete the following steps.

  1. Click on "Add Space" and select the first space to be available on the booking form.

  2. Add in a Name for the space - this can be the same or different from the space name in your function diary.

  3. Select the suitable Marketplace Event Types that can be hosted in this space.

  4. Select if the space can be Booked Live.
    Note: The Booking Rules will override this setting, so the space will force to RFP if they do not meet the booking rules.

  5. Select if space can provide Food and Beverage.
    If yes select all the menu and beverage types that are available.

  6. Set the Availability start and end time of when the space is available.
    Leave blank if there is no specific restriction.

  7. Set the Minimum Booking Time - number of hours the space needs to be booked for.
    Leave blank if there is no minimum. 

  8. Select if there are Restrict Booking Time Intervals: This can be set as no restriction, 15 min, 30 min or 60 mins.

  9. Select the Booking days that the space can be booked on.

  10. Referring to the screenshot below you can choose to show the live availability of the space to all bookers, just meeting bookers or to not to show availability at all.

  11. If using the iVvy Meeting Booker product, you can then select if the space is restricted to only certain booker groups.
    If restricting the space - set “show space to anonymous users” to YES.

    Space Allocation Rules

Please see a guide below on each of the buttons

Edit - Allow you to edit the existing function space from space allocation rules.

Remove - Allow you to delete an existing function space from space allocation rules.

Save Sort Order - located on the left-hand side of each function space, this will enable you to click and drag to sort to an order of your choice. The save sort order button must be clicked for the order to be remembered.