Sorting Menu Items within a Menu

Learn how to order your Menu Items when building a menu.

Having the menu items sorted will affect:

  • How they display when you are selecting items when adding them to a menu.

  • Adding them to a session within a booking (however they can be sorted again within a booking).

  • How they appear on a BEO.

To sort items within a Menu:

  1. Navigate to Setup > Food & Beverage > Food > Menu.

  2. Select the menu in which you wish to sort the order of menu Items and click "Edit".

  3. Click the "Items" tab.

  4. Located on the left hand side of each menu item will enable you to click and drag the item to the desired position/order.
    Repeat this process until all menu items are in the order of your choice

  5. Click "Save Sort Order".

  6. Press the "Save" to save the menu.

Menu Items- Sort Order