Setting up Venue Directory

Learn how to install and configure the Venue Directory Integration.

The Venue Directory (VD) extension allows enquiries to come from Venue Directory and generate an Unassigned Opportunity and Quote in iVvy. The quote can then be modified by iVvy user’s and then pushed back into Venue Directory to respond to the client.

Installing the Extension

To setup Venue Directory at an Account level, please follow the below navigation. 

  1. Navigate to the Global Settings Cog in the top right hand corner of the screen
  2. Use the menu on the left hand side and go to Applications > Extensions > Venue Directory
  3. Click the “Install” button.

Venue Directory is a venue only extension meaning that you first need to install the extension into your account, then go to each venue and install the extension for that venue.

Once you have installed at the Account level, you can now install it into each Venue.

  1. Go into the specific Venue you wish to install Venue Directory.
  2. Using the menu on the left hand side navigate to Setup > Extensions > Extensions
  3. Click the “Add” button and click “Venue Directory” from the drop down menu.
  4. The extension is now installed.

You can now configure the extension.

Configuring the Extension

To configure the extension, you will need to reach out to Venue Directory and do 2 things:

  1. Inform them that you intend to install the Venue Directory extension in iVvy.
  2. Ask them for your Venue ID. This ID is a unique identifier for your Venue in VD. When we receive the data from VD, it will provide us your ID for your Venue. We use this ID to know where the RFP should go. It should be noted that you can only have 1 venue associated with your VD ID.

You will not be able to proceed further until you have the ID from VD.

Once you have the ID, you can proceed with configuring your extension by working through the below tabs.  

Venue Configuration

The Venue configuration tab provides basic information on the extension. On this tab will will be able to control:

  • Interface Status - Determines whether the interface is enabled / disabled
  • Venue Directory ID - Determines the ID of your Venue in VD.
  • Venue Email - This is a fall back email that determines where RFP Emails should go to if nothing is found in the Opportunity Allocation Rules (configurable in iVvy).

Venue Directory To iVvy Sync

These settings will control how data will flow into iVvy and how the Opportunity & Quote can be configured. It should be noted that our system requires defaults to be set when we create the Opportunity & Quote in our system. Therefore we use default settings in the configuration to control how it will push into iVvy.

The default options that we provide are extracted from your venue and account. So, whatever you have configured in your account is what will appear in the extension default options.

The default options are not set in stone and can be changed in the Opportunity & Quote later on. 

  • Send Accept / Reject Email - Determines whether an RFP email will go to a user or not. 
    • If the setting is set to yes, it will send through an Accept / Reject email that will allow you to either Accept the RFP (meaning it will push it into iVvy) or Reject which will send a reject message back to VD.
    • If the setting is set to no, it will automatically create the Opportunity & Quote in iVvy.
  • Set Opportunity Channel - This controls what the default channel should be in the iVvy Opportunity when we create it in iVvy.
  • Add Task to Opportunity - This is a setting that controls where the general information about the enquiry should go.
    • By setting to Yes, it will create a task for that Opportunity and add the details for the enquiry in the task description.
    • By setting to No, the details of the RFP will go into the description field in the Opportunity.
  • Lead Types - Determines the default Opportunity Type.
  • Opportunity Stage - Determines the default stage of the Opportunity.
  • Stage Reason - If you have selected an Opportunity Stage (above) that has a reason associated with it, this option will be required as well. Not all Opportunity Stages have reasons.
  • Default Booked By User - Determines the default Coordinator of the Quote.
  • Default Event Type - Determines the default Event Type of the Quote.

iVvy To Venue Directory Sync

These settings control how the Quote should push back into VD. There are some default options as well as controls to determine what information will push into VD.

  • Default Source For Charge Item Package - This determines when we are pushing Charge Items into VD whether you’d like to use the name of the Package (Package Name) or the Small Description from the booking for this package (Small Description).
  • Holding Status - Determines the default holding status when pushing into VD.
  • Include Sessions - This determines whether information about Sessions will push into VD. This information will fill out in the Details Day Delegate area of VD.
    • This setting will not impact Charge Items - they will always push through as a Charge Item.
  • Include Packages - This determines whether information about the packages will push through to VD.
    • This setting will not impact Charge Items - they will always push through as a Charge Item.
    • Include Non Packaged Menus / Beverage Packages / Products / Resources - Each of these settings controls whether non-packaged items should push through to VD. This information will fill out in the Details Day Delegate area of VD.

This setting will not impact Charge Items - they will always push through as a Charge Item.

Using the Extension

As mentioned before, the starting point is the RFP coming from VD. Once an enquiry does come through, it will appear in your Venue as an Unassigned Opportunity and Quote.You can proceed to update and edit your quote as normal. 

When you are ready to push the quote to Venue Directory navigate to; Sales > Quotes > Select Quote > More > Send to Venue Directory

iVvy Tip: Reminder that the Quote must be associated with the Opportunity that originated from VD.