Setting Up Google Analytics for your iVvy Event Website

Google analytics is a free service that helps you identify keywords, advertisements, referrals and campaigns. It gives you the information so that you can write better ads, strengthen your marketing initiatives and get better results from your website and Internet marketing initiatives.

To set up Google Analytics:

  1. Go to

  2. Click on Sign Up Now

  3. Follow the signup process. Add your Event's Website URL to the Website's URL field in the General Information step. This will tell the Google Analytics tool what website it needs to collect data on. To find your Event Website's URL follow the steps in [link:161:Finding your Website URL]

  4. At the end of the setup process, you will be given some code to paste into your website. Find the section of the code that looks like UA-23662847-1 and copy this section only.

  5. Log into your iVvy account.

  6. Go to Events.

  7. Select View next to the Event you wish to add Google Analytics to.

  8. In the Event Settings box, click on Event Setup > Website > Website Settings Tab

  9. In the Google Analytics Code field, paste the section you copied previously in step 4.

  10. Click Save.

Your website is now optimised for Google Analytics. You can view your data by going back to and logging into your account.