Setting up Frequently Asked Questions for your iVvy Marketplace listing and Booking Engine

Learn how to set up FAQs for your iVvy Marketplace listing and Booking Engine form.

FAQ's help pre-qualify your enquiries further and assist in answering your customers questions about your venue.

To add your questions

  1. Navigate to Setup > Online Bookings > FAQs
  2. Click "Add Question" and type your question and answer in the popout window 

  3. Click "Save" 
    Add in a minimum of 3 frequently asked questions.

  4. Is Published, select "Yes" or "No" If you do not want your question to show on the Marketplace select No.

  5. You can rearrange the order in which the questions display on your Marketplace listing by selecting the eight dot boxes to the left of the question and drag and drop the question to your required order. Select "Save Sort Order"
  6. The questions and answers will be automatically displayed when a customer types in any key words in the comment section of your detailed booking form.

    setting up FAQs for iVvy Marketplace