Setting up an Invoice Payment Fee for Offline / Online Payments

Learn about configuring your invoice so if an invoice is paid by a specific credit card that apropiate fee is automatically applied.

When processing a deposit payment, the invoice amount will be the booking revenue only exclusive of additional charges that may incur from credit card or payment gateway processing fees. To ensure these are adequately captured and on-charged to the payee you can set up credit card fees against credit card providers. This can be set up for manual payments to be updated in the system or to be automatically applied at the point of payment for payment gateways.

Payment fees 1

To set up payment Fees

  1. Navagate to Set Up > Billing and Taxes > Payment Gateways
  2. Select the relevant existing Payment Gateway or add a new Online Payment Gateway or  Offline Payment Gateway
  3. Scroll down to Accept Credit Cards: and if not already allocated, select Yes
  4. Make sure your venue's accepted credit cards are selected
  5. In the corresponding section below enter the appropriate credit card fee

Note: If you would like to add details of payment fees to your invoice prior to processing you can add this information to the Invoice Footer Text in invoice set up

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