Setting Up Additional Payment Gateways on a Booking Engine

Learn how to setup multiple payment gateways for your booking engine.

If you have your venue booking engine set to “Book Now,/Pay Now”, you will now be able to assign multiple gateways as payment options. For example you might want to give clients the option to pay via Credit Card, Paypal or Afterpay. 

  1. Navigate to Global Settings > Venues > Booking Engines > Edit Booking Engine
  2. Scroll to 'Default Payment Gateway' > Select your Default Payment Gateway from the dropdown. The default is what is selected by default and this can be overridden at a venue-level (venue’s gateway settings). 
  3. Scroll to 'Additional Gateway' > Select any additional gateways for your booking engine. The additional gateways are available to all venues the booking engine is applied to. This list shows all gateways that have been added to the account. 

    We recommend adding “offsite” gateways here, i.e. those which can be logged into using a username and password. For example: PayPal, Stripe and Afterpay. 
  4. Click 'Save' 
    Multiple Gateways

    Note: All selected gateways (included the Default), will be listed on the Book Now, Pay Now section of the booking engine. The verbiage that is displayed to the customer is the “Client Description” loaded into the Payment Gateway. To learn how to add/update your payment gateways, click here