Setting up a CNAME Record for your Venues Booking Engine

Learn how to setup your venue booking engine to have a custom domain.

If you wish to set up a custom domain for your widget to appear on, then you need to setup a CNAME record to give iVvy permission to display on your own website.

Note: These are simplified instructions, and may vary from domain name manager to domain name manager. You may need to contact your provider directly if you require further instructions.

When creating a CNAME record, do not use the same URL as you currently have a website on.
This would result in your current website being overwritten. If you have not specifically purchased a website name for your widget and you are adding it to your current website, you may need to create a sub domain. 

To setup a CNAME record:

  1. Log into your domain name manager

  2. Edit the domain name and create a CNAME record.
    Please note: Some domain names include a CNAME manager, some may require you to purchase additional DNS Hosting to create a CNAME record.

  3. You will be asked for a CNAME record host.

  4. The host name will generally be: www

  5. The record will need to be:” for any Oceanic services 
    "" for any European services 
    "" for any North or South American services.

Send the name of your domain or sub domain being used to and we will apply the domain name to your booking engine