Setting the theme of your website

The theme of your website allows you to set default items for your overall website, not just an individual page. This is where you can set the color of your menu, or your footer, or set the font for your whole website so you do not have to do it from section to section. This allows you to set the default color of buttons, (which you can change one individually if you wish to override the default theme). See the list under the instructions for what each of the settings does.

  1. Open your event and click Event Setup
  2. Click Website and click Edit next to your Home
  3. You will then be presented with the Website Editor where you can change various settings, add content to your website and modify the theme of the site overall
  4. To change the Theme of your website, click the Theme tab
  5. In here, you will be provided with an array of options that you can modify to change how your overall website looks and have it update in real-time so you can see it.
  6. When you have finished, click the blue Save button in the bottom left corner.


  • Menu: Changes to the menu affect the menu bar that spans across the top of each webpage.
  • Footer: Similar to menu, this changes the bar at the bottom of the page.
  • Sections: The padding options in here affect how parts of the content (or sections) are shown, increasing or decreasing whitespace between each part.
  • Feature Items: The settings in here affect the Dynamic content of the page, such as font on Event Banners, certain theming settings such as logos on the twitter widget, and the background of the map area.
  • Buttons:
    • Button Colours: This is where you change the colour of the buttons on your web pages, when they’re not being clicked on or hovered over.
    • Button Hover Colours: The colour your buttons turn when you hover your mouse over it but don’t click it.
    • Button Styles: Any other styling you can apply to your buttons is done here, such as fonts, spacing and aligning of text.
  • Links: Here you change how the links to other pages on your site or to off-site pages goes to. Link colour sets how the link looks before you click it, and hover chooses the colour it changes to when you hover over it, much like the button options above.
  • Text:
    • Body: This changes most of the text on your webpages, anything that doesn’t look like a title or a header, or is within a button or anything, this will most likely change.
    • Sub-Heading: Usually the by-line underneath a title, you can see this on widgets like the Ticket widget, where it’s a small bit of information just under the Tickets title text.
    • Heading 1: The largest of headings, as seen in the Event Banner, and anywhere you have dragged a Heading into your page, and selected Heading 1.
    • Heading 2: Same as Heading 1, but slightly smaller.
    • Heading 3: Same as Heading 3, but slightly smaller.
    • Heading 4: Same as Heading 3, but slightly smaller.
  • Override Theme: If you’re acquainted with CSS, then you can get a bit tricker and write your own styling code. The article for this can be found here.