Setting the Payment Terms for a Booking

Learn how to manage Payment Terms at a Booking level.

How to Add a Payment Term to a Booking 

  1. Bookings > Bookings > Edit Booking
  2. Click on the 'Statement' Tab

  3. Click on 'Payment Terms' Tab

  4. If you have not added your Payment Terms in the booking process, click Add Payment Term > Existing > Select Payment Term. Alternatively you can build a custom Payment Term by selecting 'Add New'. Simply build out the required Deposits, Payments and Balance Terms until your schedule is complete. 

To Create an Invoice 

  1. Click on the 'Statement' Tab

  2. Click on Add Invoice > Payment Terms > Select the Deposit Payment (or your required invoice)

  3. If you wish to send the invoice to the client now, select the invoice and select Email. 

Payment Terms in Booking