Set your Event System Notification Emails

Learn how to setup system updates when your event has met milestones in capacity, tickets sold etc.

iVvy can provide you with a System Notification Email when your event, tickets, session, hotel rooms, flights and transfers are 50%,75%,90% or 100% sold out. In addition you can be notified when the Status of a Registration is changed. 

  1. Navigate to Event Setup > Notification Emails > 'System Notification' tab 
  2. Edit system notification you wish to receive 
  3. Select level from the drop down at which you which you wish to be notified 
  4. Complete the above process for any notifications you wish to receive updates for

Note: The system will send the notification email to the Contact Email saved under Event Setup > Event Settings > 'General' tab- scroll down to Contact Email > Save

System Notifications