Sessions / Functions Report - Generated

Learn about your filtering and column options within the Generated Sessions / Function Report

Navigate to your Venue > Reports & Budgets > Reports 

The Sessions / Functions report facilitates the viewing of all sessions within a date period. This report contains all session-related data, e.g. session “details”, booking roles, custom fields, a breakdown of revenue by cost center and even space block outs.  

This report also allows the grouping of certain data fields. For example, the report can be grouped by booking role to create a view of sessions / functions within a date range assigned to certain users, making it easy to manage work. 

NOTE: this report excludes revenue associated to Event Templates, Accommodation and Additional Items, as they are not associated to a session / function. 



Date Day

Session / Function Month

Session / Function Year

Booking Name (Booking Code)

Start Time

End Time

Session / Function Name

Session / Function Type



Amount Ec



Contact Name

Contact Phone

Company Name

Booked By

Booking Role 1-5


Setup Time

Pack Down Time

Can Be Moved

Agreed Attendees

Expected Attendees Guaranteed Attendees Set Attendees Actual Attendees
BEO # Comments Layout Cost Centers
Signage Service Fees Ex Service Fees Total Amount Ex
Total Amount Forecast Total Ex Booking Custom Fields

Exporting/ Printing your Report

Once you have adjusted your Set Columns the report can be printed or exported by clicking the Export or Print Page button located on the top right hand side at the table.