Session / Function Status

Learn how to manage your Session / Function workflow

Session / Function Statuses are a great way to manage your Session / Function workflow.

These can also be used by the forecasting reports to determine whether a session / function has enough detail to properly calculate revenue or if the Average Check for that Event Type should be used instead.

To Define Session / Function Statuses for your Account / Venue;

  1. Navigate to the Global Settings - Settings > Venues > Session / Function Statuses. Then select “Add Session / Function Status”.
  2. Enter a name for the Status
  3. Select whether it is Considered Complete - Yes / No. Whether the Session / Function of this status is considered “complete” enough for the forecasting reports to use the financial data within it to calculate revenue or not.
  4. Click "Save".

    Please see a guide below on each of the buttons.

    • Edit - Allow you to edit the existing event type.
    • Delete - Allow you to delete an existing event type.
    • Save Sort Order - This will allow you to set the current order. This is the order in which the statuses will be shown in the dropdown list within a Session / Function.

    To Define a Session Function Status

    To Set a Session / Function Status;

    1. Navigate to Venues and the Quote or Booking, and then click on Session / Function tab.
    2. Within a Session / Function you will find the Session / Function Status dropdown below Event Type.
    There are two shortcut options to the right;
    • Add - Will allow you to quickly add in a new Session / Function Status.
    • Edit - Will allow you to quickly edit the currently selected Session / Function Status.

    To Set a Session Function Status