Session / Function Streams

Session / Function  streams are a way to group Sessions / Functions into relevant categories. For example: A group or workshops in the one room over the period of a day. You may set up a stream for each room in the venue, and then put that room’s / Functions in that stream.

When setting up a stream, depending on your individual event needs it is possible to nominate whether a delegate needs to select their Sessions / Functions from an individual stream, or if they are allowed to purchase / Functions from multiple streams.

You can also nominate how many Sessions / Functions an attendee can select from individual streams e.g. The attendee can select two Sessions / Functions from each stream. If however you wanted to give the attendee five Sessions / Functions from multiple streams in no particular format, the best way to manage this would be via a ticket, so they can select from anywhere they want until they reach five Sessions / Functions.

To turn on / Function streams for your event:

  1. Navigate to Event Setup > Event Settings > Registrations Tab
  2. Scroll down to Multiple Sessions / Functions and change "Include Streams” to “Yes”
  3. Nominate whether the delegate has to select all of their Sessions / Functions from one stream or they can select from multiple streams.
  4. Select the relevant program template (a program template has to be used for streams). For more information refer “Using program templates to display Sessions / Functions and your program”
  5. Select Save

Now streams are turned on we can add our streams.

  1. Navigate to Event Setup > Sessions / Functions > Streams
  2. Click “Add Stream”
  3. Give the stream a name -> This is for internal purposes only
  4. Give the stream a start time on the day it begins
  5. Give the stream a description -> This is for internal purposes only
  6. If the stream has a chairperson you can add one or leave it blank as its not a mandatory field.
  7. Select a color for the stream. Each stream will have a color highlighted for it, and the Sessions / Functions will be marked for the color of the stream they belong in.
  8. If you wish to nominate how many Sessions / Functions can be select from this stream, add them in the Max # Optional / Functions field.
  9. Save

Repeat the process for all of your required streams. 

Session Streams