Session / Function Streams

Learn how to create Streams for your Sessions / Functions.

Session / function streams are a way to group sessions / functions into relevant categories. For example: A group or workshops in the one room over the period of a day. You may set up a stream for each room in the venue, and then put that room’s sessions / functions in that stream.

When setting up a stream, depending on your individual event needs it is possible to nominate whether a delegate needs to select their sessions/functions from an individual stream, or if they are allowed to purchase sessions / functions from multiple streams.

You can also nominate how many sessions / functions an attendee can select from individual streams e.g. The attendee can select two sessions/functions from each stream. If however you wanted to give the attendee five sessions / functions from multiple streams in no particular format, the best way to manage this would be via a ticket, so they can select from anywhere they want until they reach five sessions/functions.

How to Enable Sessions / Function 

  1. Navigate to Event Setup > Event Settings > Registrations 
  2. Set Multiple Sessions / Function- Yes 
  3. Update Include Streams- Yes
  4. Nominate whether the delegate has to select all of their sessions / functions from one stream or they can select from multiple streams.
  5. Click 'Save' 

How to Create a Stream

  1.  Navigate to Event Setup > Sessions / Functions > Streams
  2. Click 'Add Stream'
  3. Complete the following information:
    • Name: Give the stream a name
    • Start Time: Give the stream a start time on the day it begins
    • Description: Give the stream a description. This is for internal purposes only
    • Chairperson: If the stream has a chairperson you can add one or leave it blank as its not a mandatory field.
    • Colour: Select a colour for the stream. Each stream will have a colour highlighted for it, and the sessions / functions will be marked for the colour of the stream they belong in.
    • Min/Max # Optional Sessions/Functions: If you wish to nominate how many sessions / functions can be select from this stream, add them in the Min / Max # Optional Sessions / functions field.
  4. Click 'Save'

Create a Stream

Repeat the above process for all of your required streams.