Sending a Marketing Campaign to Additional Contacts

Learn how to quickly send an email campaign to new contacts inside a subscription group.

Once you have sent an email campaign you are now able to resend the campaign to any new contacts inside the subscription groups. This functionality will only be available on any ‘Finished’ Email campaigns in both system and event campaigns.

Add a New Contact into a Subscription Group

  1. CRM > Contacts
  2. Search New Contact > Select Contact > Click 'Add to Group' > Select Subscription Group that previous campaign was sent to.
    Note: The contact will need to be subscribed to receiving email marketing. 

Should you wish to import your contacts into the system please click here to learn more. 

Resending your Email Campaign

  1. Navigate to your Event > Marketing > Email Campaigns or Marketing > Email Campaigns 
  2. Select your Finished Campaign > Click 'View'
  3. Click 'Check for New Contacts'. The system will then check the subscription group to see if any new contacts have been added since the original campaign was sent 
  4. Select your scheduling preferences > Review and accept charges and terms and conditions

The system will then send your existing campaign to the newly added contacts.