Saving Documents as Drafts

Learn how to save a document as a draft in iVvy

Often documents need changes made to terms and conditions, or other text that is not found within the tabs of a quote or a booking.

You can save a document, Proposal, Contract or BEO, as a “Draft” before generating a document. Each time you save the document as a draft, it will retain the changes made to the document in draft mode, allowing you to make multiple changes to the document prior to generating and sending it as a PDF.

To Save a document as a Draft:

  1. Navigate to the Quote or Booking you wish to create a document in
    • Sales > Quotes > Select and edit Quote
    • Sales > Bookings > Select and edit Booking
  2. Click "Documents" tab and "Documents" or "BEO" depending on the document required
  3.  Generate the document, selecting your required document and template
    • Click "Create Document/BEO "
    • Select the document required from the list
    • Select My Templates (or standard templates if you have been instructed to do so)
    • Under Custom Template select your preferred template for the document
  4. Make the required changes
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Save as Draft"
  6. You will now have the ability to edit the dociment and save as a draft again as many times as required
  7. When ready to generate the document, click "Generate PDF"
    Note: Edits of the document in draft mode should be reserved for static text only. Any changes made to merged fields such as number of guests, prices and quantities of items will not be reflected in the actual booking. These will need to be updated from the relative tabs from within the quote or booking.

    Saving a document as a draft