Sales Tracking Report - Generated

Learn about your filtering and column options within the generated version of the Sales Tracking Report

Navigate to your Venue > Reports & Budgets > Reports

The Group Sales Tracking Report allows you to see all potential and existing bookings within a given period of time.

Search criteria is based on

  • Event start and end dates

  • Opportunity Enquiry start and end dates

  • Sales Person

  • Booking Type: Simple, Detailed, Accommodation only or a combination.

You are able to apply the following filters and show/hide each column to find the data set required.


Note: The * shows that you can add in your additional custom fields and cost centres

Reference Code

Date of Enquiry

Date of Enquiry Day

Event Name

Event Type

Booking Type

Opportunity Type

Quote Created

Company Name

Company Address Line 1

Company Address Line 2

Company Address Line 3

Company Address Line 4

Company City

Company State

Company Postcode

Company Country

Contact Name

Contact Phone

Contact Email

State, Suburb

Industry Sector

Converted To Tentative

Converted To Confirmed

Converted To Cancelled

Arrival Month

Arrival Date

Arrival Date day

Lead Time

Departure Date

Departure Date Day


Block Accommodation Revenue

Block Room Nights

Block Avg Daily Rate

Block Avg Daily Rate Ex Tax

Contracted Accommodation Revenue

Contracted Room Nights

Contracted Avg Daily Rate

Actual Accommodation Revenue

 Actual Room Nights

Actual Avg Daily Rate

Total Revenue Ex Tax 

Total Revenue

Total Revenue Ex Accommodation

Total Revenue Ex Accommodation Ex


Original Venue

Opportunity Stage

Opportunity Won Date

Stage Reason


Sales Person

Opportunity Source


Referral Agent

Lost to Property


Primary Account Manager

Secondary Account Manager




Decision Date

Food Ex Tax


Food Discount

Beverage Ex Tax


Beverage Discount

Audio Visual Ex Tax

Audio Visual

Audio Visual Discount

Room Hire Ex Tax

Room Hire

Room Hire Discount

Accommodation Ex Tax


Accommodation Discount

Service Fees Ex Tax

Service Fees

*Cost Centre Custom Fields

*Booking Custom Fields


Filter by 


Not Equal

Less than

Less than or equals

Greater than

Greater than or equals

In range




Not contains


Not equal

Starts with

End with



Exporting/ Printing your Report

Once you have adjusted your Set Columns the report can be printed or exported by clicking the Export or Print Page button located on the top right hand side at the table.