Reviewing the Summary Tab

Learn how to find and review the revenue items on the Summary Tab

Reviewing the Summary Tab

After you have added in revenue and items to your quote, you can review the summary tab to check the line items of the quote and check the total revenue for the event.

Note: You can add and remove items at any time and the summary tab will always remain up to date once you press save on any item.

  1. Sales > Quotes > Edit Quote or Bookings > Bookings > Edit Booking
  2. Click the Summary tab.

You will see: 

  • Each line item that you have added 

  • The quantity of each line item 

  • A break down of the price including and excluding tax

  • Any additional items

  • Any service fees and additional taxes

It is important to always check the summary tab, as the information and pricing shown here is what will be merged into your proposal and contract documents.

Note: You can select 'Set Columns' on the top right should you wish to add or hide any columns from the table. 

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