Revenue Templates

Learn how to create revenue templates to automatically reallocate your cost centres in a booking.

When building menus, resources and products in the system you are required to select a default cost centre for revenue to be allocated to. We have now created a feature so that you can set up default revenue templates which allow you to pre-set cost centre allocations for different bookings. For example hotels might want to report on Banqueting separately to Catering.  

In the past this would mean that you would  need to manually change the cost centre inside the bookings for each component of the booking -  with Revenue Template feature you will just apply the relevant Booking Revenue Template and the system will update all cost centres from their defaults to the new ones you set. In addition, any additional items added to the booking would then default to the new cost centres. This will reduce the risk of human error and revenue being allocated to the incorrect cost centres. 

You will need to update your User Policies to add in your revenue templates. Navigate to:

  1. Global Settings > Users > Policies > Edit Policy > Click ‘Venue’ Access Rights > Update Revenue Template options to update. 

To enable Revenue Templates navigate to:

  1. Setup > Venue Details > Settings >  Enable Revenue Template- Yes > Save
  2. Click into the new tab which will appear under Venue Details called, Revenue Template > Click Add Revenue Template
  3. Create a Name for your Template (This will appear when creating your Booking) > Select if template should be the booking default > Allocate the new cost centre allocation for the template.

Revnue Templates

Once your templates have been created you will see a new drop down when building your Quotes and Bookings titled, Revenue Template. To apply your Revenue Template simply select the relevant template for the booking.