Resolving Bounced Contacts From A Marketing Campaign

Any email that bounces back to the iVvy server undelivered, flags the contact as “Bounced”. This means that any further campaigns will not be sent to that contact until you edit it and address to rectify the address.

You will not be billed for bounced contacts if they are in a subscription group that you send a marketing campaign to until their status is changed back to “Active” For example: if you nominated to send a campaign to sixty recipients and two have a bounced status, only fifty eight will be sent, and you will only be billed for fifty eight recipients.

To resolve a bounced status on a contact

  1. Navigate to: CRM (Top level menu) and the default view should be contacts on the left hand menu unless you have been working in one of the menu items during this log in. 

  2. On the right hand side of the contacts table you will see a filter box that you can type into. Click on the arrow on the right of that box, and scroll down the options until you come to status. 

  3. From the status drop down, selected “Bounced”. This will filter out only the contacts that are bounced and display them on the screen. 

  4. If you edit a contact and edit their email address and save, the status should now go back to active and you can send that contact marketing campaigns.