Requesting an Abstract

When you request an abstract, you will create a form on your event‘s page which enables interested parties to submit their abstract online.

This article assumes you have Enabled Abstracts for your Event.

To Request an Abstract:

  1. Navigate to Event Setup > Abstracts > Requests
  2. Click on Add Request
  3. Fill in the Form.
    • Dates: The open and close dates, and times, for the registration. Note: Requests will still be visible on your site after the closing date, but will be shown as ”closed“ and authors will not be able to submit abstracts.
    • Types: The type of submission this abstract is for. Choose from Standard, or Custom and indicate what Custom Type you require.
    • Template: You may like to provide a template you want the abstract to be presented as. You can upload the template by clicking on Browse and following the prompts.
    • Format Accepted: Select from Word, PDF or Text.  Note: If you select Text you will have the option of whether you wish the author to upload a text document, or to enter free text into a box on the screen.
    • Length: The required word count or length of the abstract.
    • Blind Review: Whether or not reviewers can see who the abstract was submitted by. If you select "Yes" the reviewer will not be able to view the author's name.
    • Has Themes: Answer YES if your authors need to identify the conference themes that their submission relates to.  If you answer YES you will be able to select the number of themes the author can select (from 1-3) and then enter the themes (as many as you like).
    • Can Reviewers Give Other Feedback – Answer YES if you would like the reviewers to have the option to upload a feedback document that the submitting author will gain access to once reviewing has completed.
    • Scoring Criteria – You will need to save your submission request before you can enter your score/review criteria.  In some cases you will not know this information at the time of creating your request, you can always come back to this at a later date.
    • Submission Guidelines – Here you can enter any further information to assist authors in the submission process, you can use basic formatting tools and add hyperlinks in this section.
  4. Click Save.

You can add as many Requests for Abstracts as you need for each of your events.

To Add Scoring Criteria to your Abstract Request:

  1. Click Edit next to the Request for Abstract that you want to add the scoring criteria to.
  2. Click on Scoring Criteria
  3. Click on Add Criteria
  4. Enter the descriptions for your score criteria and save each one.  Note that the standard scoring system is that each of the criteria will be scored on a 1-5 basis with a section for entering reviewer comments, however you can also create your own scoring set for example a 1-10 system. If you would like to learn to do this, read Abstract Custom Scoring Options
  5. When you have added all the criteria click Close.
  6. Click Save

Follow the above steps to add as many criteria as you need.