Report Filters

When applying filters to a report, you can save these searches as custom filters. These filters will then appear as grey boxes that can be clicked, and will automatically apply your previous preferences.

You can also share your custom filters with other users to ensure the accuracy of your reports.

Creating A Custom Filer for Generated Reports

Once you have set the filters, columns, and preferred chart, you can save this view as a LAYOUT.

  1. Click the SAVE LAYOUT button

  2. Give your layout a name. This will then be displayed as a grey filter box that you can select. You can save multiple layouts for each report

  3. If you wish to share your layout with other team members, click the MANAGE LAYOUT button and select who you would like to share this view with.  

Save Layoput Agrid-1

Creating a Custom Filter for Standard Reports

  1. Navigate to Reports > Reports > Choose a Standard Report
  2. Click the drop-down arrow to display the filter options
  3. Select the required data from the fields (Note: it is best not to select a date at this stage to be saved as you can manually select the date after the filter has been applied)
  4. Click Save Search
  5. Name your filter

Save Layoput Standard2
Sharing your Custom Filter

  1. Click on Manage
  2. Select your filter and press Share
  3. Select the users who you wish to share the filter with
  4. Press save