Refunding a Registration and keeping a Cancellation Fee

There are times where you will charge a cancellation fee before refunding the rest of the money a delegate has paid.

 The following instructions will help you with that.

To charge a cancellation fee then refund the remainder:

  1. Go to their registration in Manage Registrations > Delegate registrations > Edit
  2. Go to the statement tab > Tick the paid invoice and Edit
  3. Go to the Items tab > Tick every item in this tab > click Credit > Click Yes. This will create your credit note.
  4. Navigate back to the Statement Tab. You should now have the invoice that was credited, and the credit note.
  5. Click Add Invoice > Enter the details it asks for > Ensure the button for "Add items to this invoice" is ticked > Click Save to move on
  6. Make sure you're on the Items tab in this next screen > Click Add Item > Fill out the details it asks for here > See the example in the below image for taking a $40 fee.
  7. Save and navigate back to the Statement tab, you will now have 2 invoices (one paid, one unpaid) and the credit note.
  8. Click the credit note > Apply credit > Choose the unpaid invoice and Apply
  9. Now that we have paid the cancellation fee invoice, Tick the Credit Note again and click the Refund button to refund the remaining amount.
  10. Once you have done all this, navigate to Manage Registrations > Delegate Registrations and Cancel their registration.

You have now finished refunding while keeping a cancellation fee.