Recurring Bookings

Learn more about creating a series of recurring weekly, fortnightly or monthly sessions.

If you have a regular weekly or monthly booking occurrence such as an internal booking for a meeting room or a series of scheduled public events, you have a number of options to recreate a an event or session to automate the proces of building it for each respective date

  • You can create an Event Template to apply to the dates required
  • You can create the booking then Copy The Booking in its entirety to the dates required
  • You can use the Recurring Booking Functionality to schedule  sessions in a booking on a weekly or monthly basis

To use the recurring bookings functionality you will first need to create an Event Template with the session details.

To Create an Event Template with a session

  1. Navigate to Set Up > Event Templates

  2. Follow the instruction to Create an Event Template 
  3. Create a Session/Function for the Event template detailing the specifics of the meeting including Start / End Time catering logistics and set up 

Book an Recurring Function


Recurring Bookings 1

  1. Create a booking or quote either by clicking into the diary, the blue add button or the booking or quotes section of the iVvy System
  2. Provide the Event with a Name (for the series of recurring events)
  3. Add the Company or Contact details for the event
  4. Select the Event Type
  5. Confirm the Booking Type as a Detailed Booking 
  6. Confirm Is Recurring as either
    - Repeat Once a Week 
    - Repeat Once a Fortnight
    - Repeat Once  a month
  7. Enter the start date to the number of events to calculate the the recurring sequence
  8. Select the specific event template for the recurring booking
  9. Enter the location of the recurring booking
  10. Enter the additional event and opportunity details as required and save the booking