Printing the Diary

Learn how to print the diary for a singular venue or a group of venues

The diary can be printed by displaying a singular venues information or a group of venues information from the one account.

Print a Venues Diary

  1. Navigate to Venue > Diary > Print Button; located on the top right hand side of the diary
  2. Click on Print Button
  3. This will display the Diary and Group Rooms Control, if applicable. You can save as a PDF or print.
    Note: The printed information will be dictated by your diary settings, for example Day, Week or Month view will dictate if Day, Week or Month information is included.
Printing the Diary

Print a Group of Venues Diary 

  1. Navigate to the Venues Home Page > Diary 
  2. Select the Venues you would like to print on one diary
  3. Click "Search"
  4. Click on Print Button
    Note: Should you like to amend the group of venues; select "Start Again": located above the print button on the right hand side.

Printing a group of Venues Diary