Opportunity Allocation Rules

Learn how to setup rules to ensure your Opportunities from the Marketplace and your Booking Engine Form are allocated to the correct team member.

When an inquiry falls into the system from the Marketplace or your Booking Engine Form you have the option to have opportunities allocated to a specific team member based on value or event type. 

When no rule has been added, all opportunities will be found under Sales > Unassigned Opportunities and will need to have a salesperson manually assigned. 

Editing your default Opportunity Allocation Rule will allow you to add in the email address(s) of those who need to be notified of a new opportunity. You can also change the assignment of the opportunity to a specific user, or a random selection from all users.

Navigate to Setup > Online Bookings > Opportunity Allocation Rules > Edit Default Rule 

By adding in additional rules you will be able to assign an opportunity to a specific sales person based on the following:

  • Event Type
  • Based on the value of the opportunity / Based on the % of budget / Apply to all opportunities - regardless of the booking value.

Once the basis of allocation is determined, you will need to determine: 

  • Assign Opportunity to (User) - choose one of the following:
    • Unassigned Opportunities.
    • A random user from a pool - you can select some or all of your sales users.
    • A specific user - one particular person.
  • Add in additional emails of who need to be notified - if required.
  • Assign a quality to the opportunity. These can be amended under Global Settings > CRM > Quality.

Opportunity Allocation Rules

Please see a guide below on each of the buttons

  • Edit - Allow you to edit the existing opportunity allocation rule.
  • Delete - Allow you to delete an existing opportunity allocation rule.