Online Booking Settings

Learn how to set your Online Booking Settings

The Online Booking Settings tab allows you to configure how your opportunities and bookings from the iVvy Marketplace and your Booking Engine behave

  1. Navigate to: Setup > Online Bookings > Settings 

  2. Set if you wish to allow enquires for only 1-day events, or for multi-day events with consecutive dates

  3. If you allow multi-day events, you can force these enquires to RFP only if you normally accept Book Now Pay Now live bookings

  4. Select if you wish to allow customers to provide a Purchase Order number during the enquiry

  5. If you are using our Meeting Booker module, you can allow live bookings with no value to be instantly confirmed in the system

  6. If you have not added default Setup and Pack Down times for each of your function spaces, you can add default times here to allow a buffer between bookings. Note: The setup and pack down times added directly to your function spaces will override the times added here.

  7. To ensure you are responding to all of your online enquires, an escalation email can be sent 24 and 36 hours after initially receiving the enquiry. For enquires generated through the iVvy Marketplace, a no-reply email will be sent to the customer after 48 hours, giving them the opportunity to enquire at a different venue. 

Setting up Online Booking Settings