myguestlist Integration

User guide for myguestlist extension

How the extension works

Before Installation

Installing the Extension


How The Extension Works:

Please be aware of the following behavior when using the iVvy - myguestlist Extension.

  1. This extension works with the iVvy Contacts and Venues Modules of iVvy.
    1. iVvy Contacts go into the myguestlist database. Currently one way.
    2. iVvy Bookings go into the myguestlist reservations module
  2. Data Sync:
    The extension will at a minimum perform a daily sync of your data. However you may or may not receive your data into myguestlist more often depending on the server demand for the day. There is a manual sync button in the “View Logs” area, that will allow you to manually trigger a sync if it is not within 4 hours of a previous automated/manual sync.
  3. Contact Uniqueness
    1. myguestlist uniquely identify their contacts with an email, mobile or both.
      1. No two contacts can have the same email address
      2. No two contacts can have the same mobile phone number.
    2. iVvy uniquely identifies their contacts with a combination of email, first name and last name.
      1. Two contacts can have the same email, providing the first or last name is different.
      2. Many contacts can have the same mobile number.

    Given the vast difference in the way the two systems identify uniqueness, the following behavior will occur.
    1. If there is a double up of an email or phone number for a contact in iVvy, than the latest modified contact entry is assumed to be the most up to date, and the one that is used to be synced into myguestlist.
  4. Contacts are currently only synced one way out of iVvy and into myguestlist.
  5. Contacts being deleted from iVvy will not delete contacts from myguestlist.
  6. If a contact is in a subscription group in iVvy, that group will be added as a category in myguestlist and the contact added to it at the time of the sync. There is no way for the application to see if the category previously existed and was deliberately deleted, so if the category is deleted in myguestlist, it will be re-added when a new contact is in that group in iVvy.
  7. If you use the reservations module the status will be matched up in the following manner:
    Booking Status iVvy Booking Status myguestlist
    Prospective Unconfirmed
    Tentative Pending
    Confirmed Confirmed
  8. The myguestlist reservations module does not have a default field for booking reference that can be matched up with iVvy. So the booking reference number is currently located in the notes field in the reservation.
  9. If a booking is deleted from iVvy, it will not be deleted from myguestlist.
  10. If a booking is cancelled in iVvy, it will be changed to “unconfirmed” in myguestlist, as the myguestlist platform does not allow deletions or cancellations across their api.
  11. To access your transaction log, you can go back to where the extension was configured, and there will be a tab which allows you to see the transaction history of your sync. This will alert you to any issues that may have been noted during a sync.


Before the installation

  1. You will need to contact myguestlist to acquire your Client ID and Key before beginning the installation. This is your private information that gives other applications such as iVvy access to your myguestlist account and data, so it’s important to keep the data safe and secure, and do not share it with anybody.
  2. All required custom fields will need to be setup in both systems so they can be matched during setup
    1. Setting up custom fields in iVvy
    2. Setting up custom fields in myGuestlist.
      1. myguestlist has a default gender field. If you set up a gender field in iVvy the drop down values will need to be M & F to match the default corresponding fields in myGuestList.
      2. If you want an address field you will set it up in iVvy as small text fields so that its compatible with myGuestList. Street Address, Suburb, State, Post Code
  3. If there are bulk contacts that you wish to sync between the two systems, then it is important to be dealt with before installing the synchronization. Your number of contacts synced will be limited to 5000 per day to minimize any bottlenecks that may occur with large forms of data.

    It would be best to have one system up to date with your contacts and then export it and then update the other system to match by doing an import. Depending on which system you are using as your base, you will need one or the other options below.
    1. Uploading contacts to myguestlist
    2. Uploading contacts to iVvy

    If you would like some assistance with this process, please contact iVvy Support on 1300 004 889.


Installing the extension

  1. Login to iVvy, and to go Global Settings > Applications > Extensions. You will see a list of available extensions for your account. Click on Configure.
    You will be asked to insert a API Key and client Id. These are the items that would have requested in the “Before Installation” Step. The key and ID tells myguestlist that iVvy have authorisation to access your account to insert data from iVvy. Client Next
    The sync setup is where you will map the data coming out of iVvy and pushing it into myguestlist.

    1. Please select the options to sync the contacts:
      1. Sync From Now: Will assume both systems are up to date and just keep contacts up to date in myguestlist from iVvy going forward.
      2. Select A Date: Will sync contacts “created after” a certain date.
      3. Sync All Contacts: Will sync your whole iVvy database into myguestlist.
    2. Do you want to sync your bookings into the myguestlist reservations also?: This setting controls whether bookings will come out of iVvy into myguestlist. If you do not wish to use the reservations feature, make sure this setting is unticked. If you select yes:
      1. Booking Push From Date: This will look at all bookings after the nominated “event date” of each bookings and add them to myguestlist.
    It is important to make sure you have added all of your custom fields before installation, so that you can map them in myguestlist.
    1. Select the iVvy field on the left and the myguestlist field you want to match up on the right and click add. You will notes that a map will appear underneath the drop down fields to say that its been added.
    2. Repeat this process until all required fields are mapped.

    Click Next once mapping and setup are completed.
  5. Your installation has been saved successfully.