Meeting Booker

Learn how to setup Meeting Booker to allow your internal or VIP bookers to enquire for events with preferential pricing.

The iVvy Meeting Booker feature allows you to provide preferential pricing, $0 room hire bookings, and exclusive access to spaces at your venue for internal or VIP bookers.

To get started, please contact or your Client Success Manager to have the meeting booker feature added to your account.

Setting up Meeting Booker

Your Meeting Bookers will be accessing your venue via a booking engine.

  1. Navigate to Global Settings  > Venues > Booking Engine.

Find out more about setting up your Booking Engine, or contact to have a booking engine added into your account.

Create a User Group

Next, you will need to set up a meeting booker group.

  1. Navigate to Global Settings  > Users > User Groups > Add Meeting Booker Group.
    And complete the following;
  2. Complete the following:
    • Name: Create a name for your specific meeting booker group.
      Note: you can have multiple groups with different pricing and venue space access.
    • Description: for internal purposes if applicable.
    • Venue Access: Select what Venues this meeting booker group will have access to.
    • Default Booking Engine: Select the booking engine that will be used for this meeting booker group.
  3. Click 'Save'

Meeting Booker User Group

Setting Prices

Now you can assign the following items to a meeting a booker group by editing each item below, ticking the group under “Restrict to”:

  • Room Hire/Rental Plan: Setup > Function Spaces > Room Hire Plan > Edit Plan > Update 'Restrict Room Hire Plan To'
  • Menus: Setup > Food & Beverages > Food > Menus > Edit Menu > Update 'Restrict Menu Visibility To'
  • Beverage Package: Setup > Food & Beverages > Beverage > Packages > Edit Menu > Update 'Restrict Package Visibility To'
  • Event Templates: Setup > Event Templates > Edit Event Template > Update 'Restrict Event Template Visibility To'

Note: If you want to provide the same item, but at a reduced price for a meeting booker, simply copy the item, adjust the price and allocate this new item to be restricted to the meeting booker group. 

For example: 

Meeting Booker Setting Prices

Setting Spaces

Next is to set what function spaces are available to the meeting booker.

  1. Navigate to Setup > Online Bookings > Settings.
  2. Select if you wish meetings bookers to book a space for $0.
    Note: This will allow you meeting bookers to live book a space without having to pay a deposit at the time of booking.
  3. Setup > Online Bookings > Space Allocation Rules.
  4. Add or edit each of the spaces to be added to the meeting booker group under “Restrict Space Visibility”.
  5. If you wish to only show the per hour availability to the meeting bookers, select “Only Internal Bookers” under “Availability Displayed Online".

 Find out more about Space Allocation Rules.

Meeting Booker Setting Spaces

Setting up Meeting Booker Users

Now that we have setup the meeting booker group, pricing and function space allocation, we can get your meeting bookers logging into the booking engine.

Navigate to Contacts > Add or Edit a Contact > Subscription Details.

Here you can nominate what Meeting Booker User Group this contact will be assigned to. When you select the group, a drop down menu will appear asking if you wish to send the Password Setup Email.
Selecting yes will automatically send:

  1. Login URL.

  2. Username.

  3. Password Reset for the user to set a password.

When the user now logs into your booking engine, they will be able to access your preferential pricing and spaces as set up above.

Meeting Booker Setting User