Managing the settings of your website page

Using the iVvy Liquid Website Builder, you can change a few important settings on each page to reflect the content on the page.

The settings are:

Page Name: The name of your page, as it will appear in your event, on your menu bar at the top, and in the address bar.

Page Title: How you want the page name to appear when people look at the name of the page on the tab in most modern browsers, or at the top of the window in other browsers.

Meta Description: About 160 or so characters that sum up the contents of the page. This is what shows when websites like Google bring up your page as a search result.

To modify your Webpage settings:

  1. Open your event and click Event Setup
  2. Click Website and click Edit next to the page you want to work on (Home for example)
  3. You will then be presented with the Website Editor where you can change various settings, add content to your website and modify the theme of the site overall
  4. To change the settings of your website, click the Settings tab
  5. Change the settings in here as you see fit, based on the information from above.
  6. When you have finished, click the blue Save button in the bottom left corner.