Making Items on a Registration Complimentary

There may be times where you wish to make a ticket complimentary for a delegate, or another item such as accommodation or travel. These are usually the case for speakers who get to enter the event for free, or sponsors who may get free tickets to attend the event as part of their sponsorship.

However, to make sure your reporting is correct, the items can’t just be credited off the invoice. The cost needs to be adjusted within the registration, not just on the invoice otherwise the item will still show at full price within your reporting.

To comp items on a registration:

  1. Navigate to Manage Registrations > Delegate Registrations
  2. Edit the registration that you wish to give a complimentary Item for.
  3. If you are comping a ticket or a ticket extra, then you will need to click on the “attendees” tab and edit the appropriate attendee, otherwise click on the relevant tab across the top of the screen such as Accommodation or Flights to make the necessary amendments to the price.
  4. Once you edit the relevant section, you will note there is a “Cost” box with what the delegate has been charged. Change this to $0.
  5. This will credit the item and update the statement tab accordingly.
    1. If the registration has already been paid, a credit note will be raised that you will need to refund. You will need to go to the statement tab, tick the line type for the credit note that has been generated and click “Refund”. Please note: You will need to refund the money directly from your banking institution, iVvy will only mark the money as refunded in your event reconciliation report.
    2. If the registration is unpaid, then the original invoice will automatically modify to the new price for that item. Then you can direct the delegate to make payment accordingly.