Making a User Inactive

Learn how to make a User Inactive, should you have a user leave the business.

When a User leaves the business, you will want to make sure you make their user inactive so they can no longer log into the iVvy system to protect your business information. 

When you make the User Inactive this will free up a user on your iVvy license allowing you to add a new user in your account. 

By making a user inactive, everything in the system will remain under their name so you have a record of what they done in the system up until this point. 

Note: If the Super User of your account leaves the business, we recommend contacting Support to talk through the best options with replacing this User on

  1. Navigate to Global Settings > Users > Users 
  2. Select User on the left hand side > Click 'Change Status' 
  3. Update Change Status to 'Inactive'
  4. Click 'Save'
    Note: You can apply a filter on the right hand side to see all active/ inactive users. 

You can make a user 'Active' again however please ensure you have an available user on your iVvy license. 

Inactive User