Introduction to the Invitation Manager

The purpose of the invitation manager is to create a user(s) that can login and invite people to a simple event in iVvy without giving them access to the rest of the system.

These invitations work in priorities, e.g. Invite first priorities, once they have all rsvped, if the event capacities aren’t full, invite the second wave of priorities, repeat until all seats for the event are full or all invited contacts are exhausted.

Basic OverView of the Invitation Manager

The administrator will Create Invitation Managers in their iVvy account and then assign them contacts that they can invite to events. 

The administrator will set up a simple event to start the invitation process. During this setup, the administrator nominates their invitation managers who can invite to this event, and what priorities there will be for the event. Once this is done they will notify their invitation managers that they can invite contacts to the event.

Once all of the contacts are nominated by the invitation managers, the administrator will populate their list and mail out their invitations to the first priority of contacts. If all the seats aren't filled within a specific time frame, then the second priority of contacts can be invited to maximise attendance. (If you just want one priority, rather than doing it in waves, this is also acceptable). 

Invitation Managers will be able to view their invitation reports and RSVP contacts who contact them to accept or decline the invitation, and so will the administrator be able to RSVP on the Invitation managers behalf. As the contacts are RSVPed if they accept, they will be automatically added to the event as a registration and assigned a ticket for the event.