Importing Atendees into a lite event.

Learn about importing an existing list of ticket sales into an event

For simple events, you can import a list of attendees into your event from a csv (a csv is generally a excel spreadsheet that has been converted to a comma separated values). This is useful for lots of different situations, for example those who may have an internal list of staff who are attending, or if you have had a workshop day where a list of people have nominated to attend as they signed into the workshop and you need to add them into the system.

When you do an import, then you need to nominate the ticket all of the contacts in that file are going to be allocated to so if you have multiple ticket types, then you will need to separate your contacts into separate spreadsheets by ticket type first.

You will need to convert your file into a csv. (you can use tab, space or other if you have a specific program that exports data in these formats however the standard is csv. Talk to your IT manager for more information on how your program acts). We can assist by providing the most common solution which is converting your excel spreadsheet to a csv version:

Converting an excel spreadsheet to a csv version

  1. Open the spreadsheet in question
  2. Click file and save as
  3. Type in a relevant name for the file
  4. “Save as type” needs to be the selection with (csv) on the end of the description. Depending on which spreadsheet program you are using, the description may be different.

Importing your attendees into your event.
When you import attendees into your event, you will need to match up the columns in your spreadsheet into the correct fields in iVvy, so if you have row headers on your spreadsheet this may make it easier.

  1. Navigate to: Manage Registrations > Attendees > Import File
  2. “Upload File”: This is where you select the csv file you created above.
  3. Choose Delimiters: Leave this as comma unless you specifically have another file type that you are providing. As mentioned above, you can use space and tab, or “other” if you have specific needs from a program you are accessing the data from.
  4. Update Duplicates: If you have the contact in the system from a previous registration, this option is asking if you want the contacts information updated, for instance if the mobile numbers do not match, do you wish to update the existing number in the system to the one from the new file.
  5. Select ticket that the contacts are relevant to.
  6. Disclaimer: Accept the disclaimer and click continue. 


Viewing your Import Errors

Once you have imported the file, you will notice that your attendee numbers will rise as they import. If at any time a attendee couldn’t import, the system will register an “Import Error” so that you can see why the contact did not come into your event.

  1. Navigate to: Manage Registrations > Attendees > Import Errors
  2. As you may import multiple spreadsheets into your account, you will be given a report by file name. Click on view, and you will be provided with a list of explanations such as “email not correct” so you can add these attendees in manually, or fix the spreadsheet and import the missed attendees again.