How to use the simple booking import function

Learn how to import simple block outs from your old venue into iVvy using a CSV file.

In order to use the booking importer you will need to create a .csv file and you will need certain fields with specific formatting to allow for a smooth import.

The below fields are able to be imported using this method:

  • Booking Name - This is the name that will be given to the booking
  • Event Date - This will be the date for the event. Must be in the format of: DD/MM/YYYY
  • Booking Reference - This must be a unique reference for each of your bookings
  • Booking Status - Can be Prospective, Tentative or Confirmed
  • Coordinator - Must match the username of a user in the account
  • Total Amount - As a whole number. Must not include commas, $ or any symbols
  • Attendees # - Total attendees for the booking. Must not exceed max pax for the space
  • Function Space - Must match a space name in your venue exactly
  • Session Start Time - Time must be in HH:MM:SS format
  • Session End Time - Time must be in HH:MM:SS format e.g. 16:00:00
  • Company Name - Optional
  • Contact - Full Name - Must be in the format: "Lastname, Firstname" without the quotes
  • Contact - Email - Required, must be a valid email
  • Contact - Phone - Optional

For Multi-Day or Multi-Space events you will need to create each additional day/space as a separate line in your document with their own unique reference number.

Once your CSV file is created please alert Support or your Trainer depending on where you are in your implementation process with iVvy.