How to Import Rooming Lists (Room Reservations)

Learn how to import rooming lists into the Reservations tab of your Booking in iVvy.

  1. Navigate to your Booking in iVvy: Bookings > Bookings > Edit Booking > Click "Room Reservations" Tab
  2. Select “Import File” from the “Add Reservation” dropdown menu
  3. Download the CSV template from the page and use this to capture data from your clients/guests. Storing in a standard Excel/Google Sheets format will support data validation of cell inputs (e.g. room type dropdown) to reduce errors. These can then be converted/saved as .csv (supported upload format).
  4.  Select the document from your computer to upload.
  5. Select a Field Delimiter (we suggest “Comma”, e.g. .csv files)
  6. Select whether the block capacity should be overridden, i.e. if you have blocked 50 rooms but you import 51 reservations, should the 51st reservation fail?
    Note: This will override any user policy settings.
  7. Click “Next”. 
  8. On the next screen, review the column mapping, i.e. that First Name is mapped to First Name. If you have used the template, this should all be correct.
    Note: Ensure that the first row is ticked (so that it is skipped in the import)
  9. Click “Start Import”.

You will then be directed back to the main import screen and can view the progress of the import in the table.

Viewing/Processing Errors

If there are any errors (“# Errors” is greater than 0), you can click on the “View Errors” link.

The second column will display the error(s) that the row contains which need to be addressed. 
Note: Not all errors can be determined in the first import. For example, to check if a room is available the system requires both a Room Type match and valid date range. 

This page can be exported (top right of table) to allow for faster reimporting.