How does a client get invoiced

Creating Payment Terms and an Invoice

Depending on your own workflow, the next step is normally to confirm the payment terms for the contract and to create a deposit invoice. Please review our Invoice Overview Knowledge Article for an in-depth understanding of how payment terms and invoices are added and created.

  1. Click on the Statement Tab

  2. Click on Payment Terms

  3. Confirm or edit the payment terms for the contract

    Invoice Payment Terms

  4. Click on the Statement Tab

  5. Click on Add Invoice > Payment Terms > Select the Deposit Payment (or your required invoice)

  6. If you wish to send the invoice to the client now, select the invoice and select Email. Alternatively, you can send the invoice and the contract together in the next section.

Select the Deposit Payment

Confirming a Booking, Uploading a Contract and Paying an Invoice

Once the client has paid their deposit and signed the contract (depending on your own business procedures) we can now confirm the booking.

Note. Under Setup > Venue Details > There is an option to automatically update the status of the booking to confirmed once the deposit invoice has been paid. If you have used the Pay Now button and an E-Contract Template, you will receive a confirmation email and the status of the booking will automatically be changed to Confirmed.

  1. Navigate to your booking under Bookings > Bookings or from the Function Diary

  2. Click on the Details Tab

  3. Click Change Status and change the status to Confirmed

  4. Update the reasons why and the date as required

  5. Click onto the Documents Tab

  6. Click on Upload to manually upload a signed paper copy of the contract. If the customer has digitally signed the E-Contract, you will be able to view the customer copy which is now saved in your booking

    upload documents

  7. Click on View Venue to view your copy and countersign if required

  8. Click on the Statement Tab

  9. If the invoice has been paid already via the Pay Now Button or via one of our integrated accounting systems - it will be marked as PAID. To manually mark the invoice as paid, select the invoice and press PAY INVOICE > OTHER

  10. Select the amount that was paid and the method and press save

  11. Learn more about Invoicing

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