Group Rooms Control Report

Learn about your filtering and column options within the generated version of the Group Rooms Control Report

Navigate to your Venue > Reports & Budgets > Reports

Group Rooms Control Report allow you to customize the information by the following criteria

  • Report data from - to date

  • Sales Person based on all users, an Individual or a combination of users.

  • Data to include - Contracted, Forecast, Block, Actual groups Or a combination

  • Booking Status: Prospective, Tentative, Confirmed Or a combination.

You are able to apply the following filters and show/hide each column to find the data set required.


Booking Name

Booking Status

Sales Person

Event Type

Room Revenue - per day breakdown

Total Room Nights

ADR - Average daily rate  

Room Revenue - total

Cut Off Date



Filtered by


Not Equal

Less than

Less than or equals

Greater than

Greater than or equals

In range


Exporting/ Printing your Report

Once you have adjusted your Set Columns the report can be printed or exported by clicking the Export or Print Page button located on the top right hand side at the table.

Saving your Report as a PDF

Once you have adjusted your Columns and Filters the report can be saved as a PDF by selecting Save PDF in the top right hand corner.